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Learn how to make bread shots, and make these colorful savory appetizers for your next party.

We love award-winning chef and cookbook author Richard Bertinet’s new collection of recipes, Dough. Divided by chapters into white, olive, brown, rye, and sweetened breads, it’s a baker’s bible with more than a few fun twists — like this handy guide on how to make bread shots.

These are tiny pieces of dough, which make unusual little canapés to pass around with drinks. You simply roll out the pieces into little balls — try to do it as tightly as possible — then press your finger, or the end of a wooden spoon handle, into the center to make a well, so that you can put in a filling such as cheese, pesto or even a walnut half or olive. When you leave the balls to rise, the dough will rise up around the filling.

Par-baking in advance: Bake the shots for 4 minutes, leave to cool and store in a plastic bag in the fridge. When you are ready to serve, put them back in the oven (again at 425°F) for a few minutes until they color.

Reprinted with permission from Dough