Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller, the husband and wife team behind San Francisco's The Fatted Calf, have just released the book In The Charcuterie, an extremely thorough guide to making sausage, salumi, pâtés and other meat treats for the home cook. We're sharing a few of their recipes with you — try this Latin spin on Italian porchetta, then try not to make a sandwich with it. Check out their pro tips for stocking your pantry, and get cooking.

Whole, boneless, skin-on pork middle is a cut we generally reserve for porchetta, the traditional Italian pork roast rubbed with garlic, showered with fennel and herbs, then rolled, tied and roasted until its skin turns mahogany and so crunchy it breaks off into terrifically greasy, impossible-to-resist shards. The Cuban is a new-world approach to an old-world classic: same delicious pork middle, same beautiful brown and crispy crackling but seasoned with a vibrant mixture of cumin, orange, chile and herbs.

Reprinted with permission from In The Charcuterie