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Herb- and garlic-infused smashed new potatoes are a welcome companion to any hearty grilled or roasted protein.

Head from the Middle East to the Far East with the newest book from famed chef Yotam Ottolenghi. Penned with chef Ramael Scully of London hot spot Nopi, this collection of inventive recipes hits every sweet spot along the flavor trail. 

This is a side dish that really delivers on flavor, needing little more than some simply cooked meat or fish alongside. It’s common to put all the effort into the main thing on a plate and let the sides provide the supporting act. It often works well, though, to switch the balance around: Pull out the stops on the starch, for example, and keep the main ingredient on a plate very simple.

Caper berries are large brined berries from the caper bush, which come with their stem attached. They are milder than the smaller caper bud, with a slightly lemony flavor. They are widely available, but use regular capers if that’s all you have.

Pink peppercorns — sweet, fruity, and with just a little heat — are almost as much about how completely pretty they look on a dish as how good they are to taste. Few fava bean or braised artichoke salads now escape our kitchen without some lightly crushed pink peppercorn confetti. They are also lovely stirred into mayonnaise and served with some salmon or trout.

Reprinted with permission from NOPI: The Cookbook