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Make friends with your meat purveyor and he just might save you the chicken skin you need to make these crunchy, satisfying tacos.

Short Stack Editions are tiny tomes with recipes that focus on one ingredient. Their first compilation cookbook is a vibrant collection with an impressive author roster of great chefs, and we couldn’t be more excited to cook our way through. Prepare yourself for some brand-new dishes from familiar names, and get crackin’ on these crunchy chicken skin tacos. 

Chicken skins are a cook’s reward. As the first responder to the beep of an oven timer, the cook gets the privilege of pulling a tile of golden chicken skin from the side of the bird to snack on while going about the business of carving. Sara Jenkins (Vol. 14: Prosciutto di Parma) has taken our guilty pleasure and maxed it out like a Las Vegas light bulb in this recipe, and we’re forever thankful. To procure the chicken skin, you’ll need about 3 chickens; better yet, make friends with the guy behind the meat counter and hit him up for the invaluable dermis.

Reprinted with permission from The Short Stack Cookbook