Croque Memsahib
This spicy Indian take on a beloved French open-face sandwich will make it hard to go back to the original.

Preeti Mistry helms the kitchen at Oakland, CA’s Juhu Beach Club. The modern Indian restaurant models its menu on the popular cuisine of Mumbai. Whether you go for the city’s famous fine dining, even more famous street vendors or a delightful combination of both, there’s no wrong choice to make. Try a croque memsahib, a spicy Indian spin on the French classic. 

Oakland has a strong brunch game. That’s where my Indian-inspired croque, based on the classic French dish croque madame, comes into play. I knew my brunch menu needed to feature eggs and bread in a compelling way. The Hindi word memsahib was a title of respect given to white women or women of high social standing during Britain’s colonial rule of India. As a child, I generally heard the term being used in a tongue-in-cheek way among Indians: piling on the respect in an ironic fashion. Naming rights aside, this recipe hits all the best brunch notes: spicy, cheesy, carb-y, eggy, bacon-y joy on a plate.

Reprinted with permission from The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook