The Cowgirl Creamery Cookbook is a must for any cheese-lover’s kitchen. Packed with stories, recipes and plenty of other reasons to gorge yourself on fine cheese, the cowgirls’ masterful new book is a great reason to neglect that brick of boring cheddar and open yourself up to something a little more exciting. This seasonal squash soup has a thick slice of creamy Humboldt Fog melting in the center, for instance. 

This is our good friend Peg Janosch’s go-to recipe for drop-in guests. Peg has been our go-to person concerning finance and business development from the beginning. This bright, velvety soup forms a mellow backdrop to elegant, luscious Humboldt Fog. We love this method of placing a single slice of cheese on top of a warm bowl of soup just before serving. Make the soup ahead if you like but don’t add the cheese to the hot soup until you’ve ladled the soup into bowls and are ready to eat.

Reprinted with permission from Cowgirl Creamery Cooks