Don't let the World Cup sneak up on you without a few recipes from My Rio de Janiero, by renowned cook and author Leticia Moreinos Schwartz. A follow-up to her first book, The Brazilian Kitchen, My Rio de Janiero explores the city's diverse cuisine by neighborhood. These crispy, cheesy fritters are a must-try in your own kitchen, too. 

Zuka is a very versatile restaurant: whatever purpose — business lunch, romantic date, dinner with friends — it fits the occasion. The menu sprinkles exotic Brazilian ingredients with dishes that are internationally familiar. I was interviewing Chef Ludmilla Soeiro for my blog when I first tried these crunchy tapioca fritters. I couldn’t get over how remarkably delicious they were and couldn’t wait to try the recipe at home. I made them with Parmesan, cured and grated Minas cheese, Brazilian coalho cheese and Greek haloumi. My favorite is Parmesan, but they all produce a great fritter. Ludmilla told me that she learned this recipe from Chef Rodrigo Oliveira, based in São Paulo — proving that good recipes travel fast.

Reprinted with permission from My Rio De Janeiro