Chef and TV host Anjum Anand has a new book of recipes out that every fan of Indian food should own. Beyond foolproof guides to the classic curries and breads, Anand’s I Love India takes a dive into the ingredients behind the magic. This crispy mussels recipe benefits from a dose of Indian spices.

Few people think of Indian food when they think of mussels, but they are loved on the west coast and take spices and strong flavors really well. They are cooked in curries, stir-fried in dry masala, enveloped in pastries, baked in tarts, steamed in “jackets” made from rice, stuffed and deep-fried… this is a typical mussel recipe from Kerala and is one of my favorite ways of eating it.

These are a sort of Indian tapas, good to pick at with some drinks. You can serve them however you like, in a big pile sprinkled with coriander and some lemon wedges, on little toasts brushed with coriander oil, or on the half shell on a bed of curry leaves. I always have a full larder, so it is easy for me to add semolina for a crunchy finish, but you can leave it out and it will still be divine.

Reprinted with permission from I Love India