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Renowned chef, restaurateur and master of the Caribbean’s “cuisine of the sun,” Cindy Hutson has a new book out that you’ll want to read cover to cover if you’ve ever loved a fried grouper sandwich. With recipes from her travels, fishing expeditions, restaurants and other places where you’ll find some of the best spicy chicken on the planet, From the Tip of My Tongue is a fresh look at island cuisine from one of its champions. 

It’s not too often that I eat fried foods without feeling guilty, but this is too good not to eat. When grouper season is open, I like to use black grouper because it is a nicely firm yet flaky fish. The light, crisp breading here also has lots of flavor. Fresh aioli blended with chili peppers gives this sandwich the ideal, balanced heat. Toast the bun, slather it with my recipe for chipotle aioli and take my advice — don’t feel guilty at all.

For a little extra depth, Anchor New Zealand cheddar (if you can find it) is fantastic for melting or warming on this sandwich. If you can’t find that, I suggest a cheese with a similarly high fat content.

Reprinted with permission from From the Tip of my Tongue