Cooking show host and food writer Jo Pratt has a new collection of vegetarian recipes out that will revitalize your repertoire and impress your dining guests. From the traditional to the brand-new, there’s a recipe in here for every lover of vegetables at the table. These halloumi fries may make you ditch traditional cheese fries forever — snackers beware!

If you’ve never tried halloumi fries before, then you have to give these a go. Something incredible happens to the cheese when coated in flour and deep-fried: they become very moreish. I know that deep-fried cheese may not be the healthiest recipe, but when served with this crunchy chopped salad you can ease your conscience at least a little bit.

Flexible: Add a batch of sardine ‘fries’ to the halloumi. Dust 8 cleaned and deheaded sardines in the seasoned flour mixture and deep fry in the hot oil for 2–3 minutes until golden.

Reprinted with permission from The Flexible Vegetarian