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Photo: Quentin Bacon

Whether you're vegetarian, eating light or observing Meatless Monday, a recipe by Peter Berley is guaranteed to satisfy. We've borrowed a few recipes from his award-winning cookbook, The Flexitarian Table, now available as an e-book so you have every reason to expand your healthy cooking repertoire. Load up on fiber and greens with this delicious vegetarian risotto.

If someone served me this rice with a crisp white Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé and nothing else, I’d be thoroughly happy. The cooking water from the mixed greens imbues the rice with the fresh flavors of spring.

This risotto-style brown rice requires advance planning and makes good leftovers. You’ll need to soak and cook the brown rice before starting the risotto. You can use this same approach with other grains too, such as miller, quinoa, barley or farro.

Reprinted with permission from The Flexitarian Table