This creamy celery root soup is one of those dishes you should make in double-batches and freeze for cold times ahead. It’s perfect in a soup shooter or as a light first course. Or you can add your favorite “make it hearty” ingredient like shell pasta, barley or quinoa (or even just good crusty toasted bread) and top with a poached egg for a rib-sticking main. Make it vegetarian by switching out the chicken stock, and make it vegan by omitting or substituting the cream.

Peeling and dicing the celery root takes a very sharp, sturdy knife and no fear — it’s one tough vegetable. So if a small chick can do it without losing a finger, so can you. Easy tip: do not chase the bulb around on the cutting board. Square off the bottom and make your slices and subsequent dices from there. Float the chopped pistachio garnish on top of a splash of heavy cream — it makes the pistachios’ varied colors pop and adds a nice salty crunch.