The best part of a dinner party is being a guest. And sure, being a host darting in and out of the kitchen is great and all, but wouldn’t you rather be out mingling and enjoying a glass of something? Food writer and recipe developer Meredith Steele takes the grunt work out of entertaining with her new book, a collection of recipes designed to keep you at the party. Creamed Parmesan collard greens, anyone? 

My nanny, whom I called RoRo, was more of a family member than anything and was at every holiday gathering when I was a kid. She was known for her cooking, especially her amazing and deeply soulful collard greens. They were so good, in fact, that she grew tired of people asking for the recipe. Every time I make any type of collard greens, I can only hope to make them as good as she did.

Reprinted with permission from Effortless Entertaining Cookbook