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Crab Burger

One of my favorite food memories is from a trip I took to Trinidad and Tobago to visit my friend Wendy, who had moved back to Port-of-Spain after a few years in New York. She drove me to Maracas Beach, about 40 minutes outside of the city, where all the shacks along the beach sold the same thing: “bake ’n’ shark,” a grilled fish sandwich that Wendy loves. We placed our order with one of the vendors, then watched as he grilled the fish, fried the bread, and dressed our sandwiches with garlic sauce and chado benny, a condiment made from a cilantro-like herb, vinegar, and rum-pickled chilies. Sitting on the beach washing the sandwiches down with a cold Carib beer was one of those perfect moments that come only when you’re traveling. A regular vacationer might just dream about going back to that place, but the chef in me wants to re-create those moments, as I do with this Crab Burger.