Best lobster roll in the city? Tough decision. New York slings a mean lobster roll. Among the meanest: Luke’s Lobster, a delightful urban shack that holds true to its Maine roots. Real Maine Food, a new cookbook by Luke’s Lobster owners Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, showcases recipes by the folks who invented this briny summer treat. Swap lobster for fresh, sweet, meaty crab in this seasonal summer frittata. 

The frittata is an Italian dish (Marcella Hazan’s onion frittata was one of the first recipes Ben learned as a kid) that’s similar to an omelet but, in our opinion, better and easier. The cheese and fillings are evenly distributed throughout the fluffy egg base rather than sandwiched in the middle, and there’s no messy flipping involved. It’s another perfect vehicle for our love affair with crab and corn, along with a nice sharp cheddar.

Reprinted with permission from Real Maine Food