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Country fried bacon: fry it loud, eat it proud. That is one fine slice of pig, right there.

Chef Richard H. Turner is truly a master of meat. From his renowned London outposts (including the heralded Pitt Cue Co.) to cofounding the great annual carnivorous festival that is Meatopia, you can count on Turner for the very best “from snout to squeak.” His new cookbook, Hog, is a hefty volume of all things pig. If you’re a fan of this mighty animal, you’re going to need this book.

There’s no small amount of “country” or “Southern” fried in this book, mostly because I’m an avid consumer of anything fried, particularly this way. I recommend this stuff for breakfast any day of the week, as here with sausage gravy, but also with pancakes and maple syrup.

Reprinted with permission from Hog