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This cottage pie is like a great big warm hug waiting to be embraced.

We’re a big fan of prolific food writer/cookbook author Annie Bell’s beautifully photographed, meticulously tested recipes. Have you seen her Brooklyn Blackout Cake, for instance? Oh man. Her latest collection, Low Carb Revolution, is one of those books that makes an otherwise less-than-appealing diet sound as good as hearty shepherd’s pie on a cold winter evening. We thought you’d be on board. 

This delicate, pale green mash has that wholesome silky texture that is exclusive to leek soups and purees. Smothered with cherry tomatoes and scallions before being baked, the pie is every bit as lavish as the original. Don’t worry too much about the ratio of leeks to cauliflower—you want more or less 2 1/2 pounds in total but it doesn’t matter too much how you get there.

Reprinted with permission from Low Carb Revolution