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The classic breakfast of cornflakes and milk meet cake in this cast-iron recipe.

If you love, cherish and season your cast-iron skillet like it’s a member of the family, we have a new cookbook for your library. Food writer and cookbook author Charlotte Druckman’s latest collection of recipes all take place on the searing-hot surface of a heavy iron pan, like this satisfying cornflakes and milk cake. 

While you’d typically make a layer cake using “normal” circular aluminum baking pans, isn’t it nice to know you don’t need them? That you can do it with a single cast-iron skillet? A tribute to baker Liz Lorber in Atlanta, who introduced me to Hot Milk Cake and got my wheels turning, this recipe also reminds me of my father. He’s almost always on a diet, and whichever one it is, it usually forbids cereal. Sometimes he’ll say, with such longing, that all he wants is a simple bowl of cornflakes and milk — or even better, cornflakes and cream. Poor Dad! If only he wasn’t on a diet, again, I’d cut him a square of this crunchy-coated, fluffy cake.

Note: Cake baked in a skillet is slightly sloping, so this recipe calls for trimming the edges of the rounds to turn them into squares, for a cube-shaped result. As I worked on this recipe, I wanted to do something special with those scraps. So I cubed them and put them in a bowl with heavy cream, extra cornflakes, and a sprinkle of salt. Voilà — a baker’s snack.

Reprinted with permission from Stir, Sizzle, Bake