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corn muffins with sausage

Are you mad for muffins? Don't be, muffins are a happy thing, which is why we're baking our way through cookbook maven Jean Anderson's latest work: Mad For Muffins. This collection of classic, updated and downright creative sweet and savory muffins is a must-have for the avid cold weather baker. Corn muffins studded with savory country sausage? Sign us right up. 

Southerners dote upon country sausage as much as they do corn muffins so I thought, why not combine the two in a single recipe? But where should the sausage go? Inside the muffins, on top, or on the bottom? Layering the sausage with the batter might mean soggy muffins, spooning it on top might mean overbrowned muffins. So I divided the browned, crumbled sausage among the empty muffin cups, then added the batter (made with granular cornmeal to keep the muffins from going soggy), and it worked just as I hoped it would — the batter held the sausage in place as the muffins baked, even as they were removed from their pans.

Note: You need bulk sausage meat for this recipe or, failing that, link sausages removed from their casings. Down South, one-pound packages of Neese’s bulk sausage meat are widely available in three flavors — original, sage and hot (any one of them a good choice here). 

Reprinted with permission from Mad For Muffins