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Let's give shanks for beer-braised lamb!

Great beer deserves great food, so longtime food and beer writer (and author of The World Atlas of Beer) Stephen Beaumont took on the great and important task of gathering the greatest pairings around the world and publishing them in one convenient place: a beautifully photographed cookbook. Pick up a superb craft six-pack, bomber or growler and a copy of  The Beer and Food Companion and prepare to leave the wineglasses where they are. 

Back in the mid-1990s, this recipe from chef Leslie Dillon, then with the Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle, Washington, was enough to convince me in perpetuity of the wisdom of braising in beer.

Recommended beer: When I first published this recipe, I recommended serving a “strong, malty ale” alongside the dish, without specifying the style. I believe I was thinking of something along the lines of an old ale or perhaps a Scotch ale, and I think I was right.

Reprinted with permission from The Beer and Food Companion