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A vibrant green wheat pilaf is the perfect side to simple grilled meat — try it with lamb!

Renowned Indian-American chef Floyd Cardoz is a master inventor of delicious, vibrant dining experiences. With a restaurant (or two) always in the works, we’re surprised he had time to pen his latest cookbook, Flavorwalla — “flavor seller” in Hindi. Need we say more? Buy the man’s flavor book and whip up his simple, seasonal fare at home.

I came up with this dish one spring when I wanted to create a showcase for a lot of peas: a pressing issue, since they were pouring out of my garden faster than I could cook them. I also wanted to make sure that the sugar snaps were prepared in such a way that there was minimal risk of overcooking them, which I think is too often their unhappy fate. Peas are very nice paired with cracked wheat, an ingredient that I once thought of only in the context of breakfast. The nutty flavor and chewiness of the cracked wheat complements the sweet sugar snaps and English peas. Pureeing some of the peas and stirring the puree into the wheat underscores that fresh, green flavor that tells us spring is here.

This is substantial enough to be a main course for four people. Or serve it as a side with just about any lamb dish.

Reprinted with permission from Floyd Cardoz: Flavorwalla