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Writer and journalist Rebecca Seal travels where the food is excellent and sticks around long enough to tell the story right. A follow-up to her previous cookbook on the cuisine of Istanbul (written with her photographer husband, Steven Joyce), The Islands of Greece takes you on a boat to a great meal. These pies are packed with healthy greens and bright flavors. 

On Crete these are called marathopites, and they’re similar to a pie I have eaten on Rhodes, called pougia (which may also be made with cheese or sweet fillings).

Feel free to play around with the flavorings here. Grated fennel is very traditional, and finely chopped wild garlic or herbs such as sorrel are wonderful additions. Or you could try a little feta. The pies are a classic example of the ingenuity of island cooks: The herbs and greens are often foraged from the islands’ stunning mountainous interiors. Living in a city, I’ve used spinach instead.

Reprinted with permission from The Islands of Greece