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Basque cuisine utilizes just a handful of the best regional ingredients available. Try it at home!

The Basque country of Northern Spain is one of the most celebrated culinary regions in the world. With deceptively simple, rustic dishes created from humble, high-quality produce and local ingredients like eggs, olive oil, salt cod, cheese and bread (to say nothing of the jamòn), this is one part of the world where you’re guaranteed to eat well every meal of the day. How else could Basque country boast the most Michelin stars of anywhere in the world? Join London-based Basque chef José Pizarro on a journey through his native cuisine and get inspired!

I always feel inspired when I first see asparagus on the shelves, but nothing frustrates me more than seeing asparagus on the menu or on the shelves in winter. It doesn’t make sense! I love to combine the best British produce with classic Spanish ingredients, and this cheese from Basque country complements the asparagus perfectly.

Reprinted with permission from Basque