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Simple seafood pasta gets a big upgrade with rainbow-hued cauliflower.

Food Network host Nikki Dinki has a new cookbook out that spotlights vegetables without leaving meat in the dust. Meat on the Side is a nod to the increasing popularity of the “flexitarian” diet, which typically uses meat as an accent to hearty, plant-based fare. Get into great habits with this new collection of vibrant recipes.

Instead of a bar, I’m a regular at my farmers’ market. And in the fall, when I come across cauli­flower in a rainbow of colors, you know I’m adding it to my already ridiculously overstuffed bag. Because then I can make this simple and simply special pasta: Browned butter, fragrant garlic, bright lemon, and tender scallops, add some purple, orange, and green cauliflower and you just may have to take a picture before you dig in, it’s that pretty. Luckily, the flavor of these cauli­flowers is the same as the white stuff, so even in the dead of winter, when no market sports the colorful types, you can still snuggle up with a bowl of this pasta while binge-watching Junk Food Flip and have the most perfect evening ever.

Reprinted with permission from Meat on the Side