We’re all about hearty bowls of food — plates are overrated, anyway. Join James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur Rachel Yang as she dives into this most useful piece of servingware and shows you how to keep it fresh. These cold red curry noodles with shrimp are sure to turn some heads.

You could look at this refreshing summery noodle dish from two angles — first, as an example of the classic Korean summertime banchan combination of zucchini and salted shrimp, and second, as an Easternized version of a more Italian pasta dish with shrimp, pesto, greens and peppers. Either way, pairing inherently sweet zucchini with salty shrimp produces a flavor we love.

Because noodles do tend to firm up as they cool, we make our cold noodle dishes with softer noodles — achieved, in this case, by adding a mixture of eggs, egg yolks, and baking powder to the dough. Make sure to toss the cooked noodles immediately with the pesto, or they’ll stick together.

Reprinted with permission from My Rice Bowl