We’re loving vegan YouTube star Lauren Toyota’s new collection of comfort food recipes sure to rejuvenate your plant-based cooking repertoire. If you’re craving the vegan version of just about anything, Toyota has a recipe for you. These cucumber chile noodles are a dish best served cold. 

I tend to add megaflavor to everything I cook, but in this dish I embrace the minimalist trend and really like the simplicity of green onions with spice, sesame, salt, and refreshing crunchy cucumber. It was inspired by something I ate a couple of years ago at Xi’an Famous Foods in Brooklyn. A friend claimed this menu item, known as A-1, was her favorite thing ever, which I mistook for hyperbole. But I was curious. Well, after ordering it and taking one bite, I was in love and certainly wasn’t prepared for a long-distance relationship with this noodle dish so I made my own version!

Reprinted with permission from Hot For Food Vegan Comfort Classics