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Here’s the silver lining to allergy-friendly food: It’s really easy to prepare and enjoy! Invite everyone (yes, everyone) to the table when you’re cooking with chef-blogger Heather Christo’s new cookbook, Pure Delicious. If it’s an allergen to anyone, it’s off the table (but you’d never know it!).

For those with allergies, Japanese cuisine is one of the easiest and most reliable to dine out on. But one can’t go out every night! So I was thinking about how to bring sushi into the home kitchen. Fortunately, my favorite combo, spicy tuna, cucumber, and avocado, works really well as a sushi bowl. If you are nervous about “raw” fish, don’t be. The marinade partially cooks it, and as long as you get some good-quality fresh fish, you have nothing to worry about. The fish, crunchy cucumber, cilantro, and avocado all make for a perfect bite.

Reprinted with permission from Pure Delicious