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Missed the party? Replicate the dish at home.

Prometheus Springs’ co-founder Alexis Mincolla recently promoted the new beverage brand with an underground supper club dinner in Los Angeles, a smart way to build interest in a start-up brand whose drinks Pepsi execs deemed “too spicy.”

He tapped chef Pace Webb, whom Mincolla met at university in Italy years ago, and who is now behind Taste of Pace Catering in LA, and she came up with a few recipes that incorporate Prometheus Springs’ range of flavors.

For this halibut recipe, Webb poached the meaty white fish in Prometheus Springs Citrus Cayenne Elixir, then served it with mashed potatoes and fried shallots. Kinda makes you wish you were at the party, doesn’t it? Well check out video from the dinner party, then grab some Prometheus Springs and try this recipe yourself.