Meatloaf is one of those irresistible American classics. From serving it doused in brown gravy over a pile of buttery mashed potatoes to taking that first delectable bite of a white bread and mayo-slathered meatloaf sandwich the next day, this is one dish that’s hard to go wrong with.

While just about any combination of ground beef, pork, ketchup and spices makes a decent loaf, what most of us crave is that roll-your-eyes-in-the-back-of your-head kinda loaf, and this recipe fits that bill. Incorporating a homemade, tangy barbecue sauce instead of just plain ‘ole ketchup along with adding a few secret ingredients into the meat mix (think buttermilk and horseradish), this recipe might involve a few extra steps, but I can promise you it’s well worth the effort.