Portugese food is having a resurgence in the restaurant and cookbook worlds alike, and we’ve never been happier. Between the simple fresh fish preparations, hearty meats, vibrant sauces and delicious plethora of sweet and savory baked goods, we’ve stuffed and perfectly content. This chorizo pate is a wonderful example of the simplicity of some of Portugal’s most beloved dishes and snacks. 

You can make a very good, chunkier version of this spread by simply puréeing dried, skinned chouriço (chorizo). This is a richer, fancier version — but is still easy to make — that goes well with eggs or cheese, in sandwiches (I like it with a tangy pickle or two), or it can be stirred into stews. As a real treat, this pâté can elevate a simple lunch of mushrooms on toast — just spread a spoonful or two onto the bread before topping with cooked garlicky mushrooms.

Reprinted with permission from Lisbon