Since the inception of Food Republic and long before, we've been big supporters of big, beefy, cheesy sandwiches — in addition to burgers, not instead of. You see, there's a difference. Take the patty melt, for instance. It's not a burger, it's a sandwich. But this is a matter of steak.

Leftover steak is a tricky beast. You cooked it right the first time, you're not going to have success reheating it by conventional means. Don't microwave it, for instance, unless you like flavorless gray meat. 

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As I mention in the infographic above, a pan with butter is where yesterday's beef has a fighting chance at still being delicious. As an added bonus, there's butter and cheese in the sandwich where your steak will be reheating. Therefore I conclude that not only is this sandwich fundamentally delicious, it's respectful to the steak you just couldn't finish, could you?