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Dorie Greenspan's chocolate-cornflake haystacks are a treat to be savored.

If you’ve ever needed one cookie book, Dorie’s Cookies is the be-all, end-all. Dubbed a “culinary guru” by The New York Times, Dorie Greenspan rounds up the most — dare we say it — a-Dorie-bal collection of brownies, meringues, pinwheels, gingersnaps, thumbprints and more. These chocolate-cornflake haystacks are sure to be your new favorite.

If, like me, you find yourself unable to resist the allure of the no-bake cornflake treats sometimes known in America as haystacks and called desert roses in France, then brace yourself for this baked version. Like the old-fashioned haystacks, these don’t have many ingredients — it’s the baking and the addition of eggs and agave nectar that make them different — but they end up being more satisfying than you’d expect. My go-to combination for these is sweetened coconut, chopped nuts, plumped raisins and high-quality milk chocolate, but this recipe is a DIYer’s dream. You can change the nuts, the dried fruit and even the chocolate. Actually, you can even swap the namesake cornflakes for another kind of flaky cereal. What you don’t want to leave out is the salt — it’s the perker-upper here.

Storing: You can keep the cookies for about 3 days in a covered container, but they’ll soften. I prefer to put them on a plate and leave them out. That’s a good option only if the air is dry, though, not when it’s humid.

Reprinted with permission from Dorie’s Cookies