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Chicken scaloppine with marsala is what's for dinner tonight.

Tonight is chicken scaloppine with marsala night! London has been gaining momentum as a global culinary destination for years and isn’t bowing out anytime soon. Take a trip around the city with distinguished food writer and London native Aleksandra Crapanzano as she hunts down some of the best recipes in town, like this hearty chicken dish.

Keep a bottle of Marsala stashed in the back of the cupboard and you will find yourself returning to this speedy recipe every few weeks, never growing weary of it. Jacob likes it with creamy mashed potatoes, and though I’m always loath to argue with creamy mash as an accompaniment, there are also egg noodles, orzo, mushroom ravioli, gnocchi — the choices are many. If I’m in the mood for extra sauce, I simply use more mushrooms and another splash or two of Marsala. Make it as you want to eat it — never a bad rule to cook by.

You can ask your butcher to cut the chicken breasts into scaloppine, or you can do it yourself. It’s really quite easy.

Reprinted with permission from The London Cookbook