Miami’s Wynwood Kitchen & Bar (WKB), located in the burgeoning Wynwood Arts District, features A-list street art and increasingly impressive food. Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos and Kenny Scharf are among those who’ve created original pieces around the indoor/outdoor space, and chef Miguel Aguilar has brought a twist to Cuban-inspired favorites that also might be called artful.

A native of Venezuela, Aguilar knows his way around an empanada. For this take on the classic Latin hot pocket, he stuffs ’em with the shredded spiced chicken known as ropa vieja — Spanish for “old clothes.” (The recipe for this chicken ropa and a chipotle ketchup is below, and it’s so good, you’ll be tempted to sneak bites, but remember, this is filling for the empanadas!) Chef suggests that you use the chicken as a main with a side of beans and rice, or stuff it into what Food Republic’s lunch expert Jess Kapadia calls “The Best Sandwich You’ve Never Had,” arepas.

But look what happens when you stuff this chicken ropa into pastry dough and serve up empanadas. Have you ever seen an unhappy man with a delicious empanada in his hand? No. Serve these up at your next party or gathering and bask in the praise.