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Craving pho? Whip up a bowl of this ultra-satisfying chicken pho noodle salad.

If you’re ready to start eating pho like a pro, pick up a copy of Andrea Nguyen’s The Pho Cookbook and prepare to slurp rice noodles like your life depends on it. Packed with recipes, techniques and advice from all over Vietnam, Nguyen’s newest book is exactly what you need to pump up your beef bone soup game. This hearty chicken pho noodle salad is an inventive spinoff. 

You would think that Hanoi, the birthplace of Viet culture and pho, would stay close to tradition. But it’s actually a city open to new pho ideas, such as this chicken and rice noodle salad dressed with a tangy-spicy soy sauce and served with a side of hot pho broth. The broth is enjoyed as a chaser to the somewhat intense noodles and chicken.

Pho Hanh on Lan Ong Street in the Old Quarter is one of the most popular spots for this dish. One balmy Saturday night when I was there, the sidewalk seating was packed with young families, friends, and couples. Pho Hanh used to specialize in traditional chicken pho but switched to the salad to offer a cooling version of pho soup in the warmer months. It’s simply a good batch of chicken pho presented differently, which explains why it seems unusual yet tastes familiar.

Make this with leftover chicken and broth, or poach 1 pound boneless chicken in the Quick Chicken Pho; there will be enough liquid for the sauce and broth side.

The sauce may be made 2 days in advance and refrigerated; return it to room temperature before using. The vegetables and noodles may be prepped hours in advance. If the noodles harden, soften them in the microwave oven via 30-second blasts. Ideally, they’re warmish.

Reprinted with permission from The Pho Cookbook