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Nothing satisfies quite like one of our winter chicken recipes.

Now here’s a cookbook we’re on board with. Keepers, penned by two accomplished home cooks and former food editors, is full of recipes that even the most kitchen-challenged can pull off any old night of the week. Sit down, get comfy and let the pros take you on a tour of tonight’s super-easy dinner recipe. First up, breaded chicken cutlets with a fresh, healthy salad.

This isn’t a novel preparation of chicken Milanese, but it’s a good one (even without the traditional pounding of the meat into thin pieces) and can stand alone as a meal. Mounding the salad on top of the chicken, with its crispy, featherweight crust, results in a wonderful combination of textures, temperatures and flavors. The fennel adds crunch and an anise note, but if you don’t care for it, leave it out and use extra lettuce or top the chicken with your favorite salad instead. We also like to squeeze some extra lemon juice on the sautéed cutlets before adding the greens.

Reprinted with permission from Keepers