We’re big fans of chef Justin Warner and his former Brooklyn restaurant Do Or Dine, which once served up things like dumpling nachos and foie gras doughnuts. So we’re especially excited about his new book, The Laws of Cooking, which includes even more inventive recipes, like this creative spin on traditional chicken Kiev.

Hotel butter — a delicious amalgam of butter and chopped soft herbs, traditionally used to melt slowly over a seared steak or crusty roll — is solid proof that herbs and fat are best friends. But sadly it has fallen out of fashion, and with it one of the greatest applications of hotel butter ever made, the chicken Kiev: pounded chicken cutlet wrapped around a log of straight hotel butter, then breaded and fried, so when you cut into it melted hotel butter dribbles out. No better reason to invent the Chicken Kiev Nuggs: tiny bites of chicken with a self-contained butter sauce. To re-create fast-food flavor, I’ve opted out of using fresh herbs in favor of “poultry seasoning.”

Reprinted with permission from The Laws of Cooking