Molly Quirk is chef/owner of Sips & Bites in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you haven’t had a thoughtfully handcrafted sandwich in a while, there’s no better place to get your fix. She’s generously donating a few of her tailgating recipes to our cause: feeding you during football season.

In light of recent events that made everyone’s favorite fried chicken sandwich a little bit tougher to swallow, we decided to fry up a version of our own. The buttered bun and pickles are crucial to this chicken filet slider sandwich, but without a doubt, the thing that makes this little guy so delicious is the chicken.

The perfect balance of crunchy and juicy, the secret lies in the way we mix a little of the egg wash in the flour, making it slightly clumpy before we dredge the chicken — a technique we also use in our regular bone-in fried chicken. These sliders will be great for your next football party, or any time you want a tasty chicken sandwich without the political controversy.