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(Photo: Alexandra Grablewski.)

From our dude Nick Evans at Macheesmo comes Love Your Leftovers, an essential tome of what to do with the leftovers in your fridge. Brunch is a particularly useful meal when it comes to repurposing extra food, and these cheesy tomato grits are a great way to kick off your weekend. Make too much tomato sauce? Infuse cheesy grits for a flavor-packed brunch dish just begging for a poached egg.

If you’re in Florence, it’s called polenta. If you’re in Alabama, it’s called grits. In reality, they are basically the same thing — that is to say, ground-up corn that’s been slowly simmered. Corn and tomatoes pair well together, so simmering the grits in a diluted marinara sauce is a great way to give them some serious flavor. It’s hard for me to recommend grits without cheese, so throw some of that in also!

Reprinted with permission from Love Your Leftovers