cheese naan
Get ready to recreate Junoon’s famous spiced cheese naan in your home kitchen.

We reached out to Akshay Bhardwaj, longtime executive chef at famed NYC Indian fine eatery Junoon, to loan us his recipe for the spiced cheese naan we just can’t get enough of. Thankfully, Chef Akshay believes that cheese naan recipes belong to everyone.

“At Junoon, we are constantly trying to come up with modernist twists to traditional Indian dishes. We wanted to make eating our naan bread a fun adventure, so adding cheese and a flavorful spice to top it off seemed like a solid starting point,” says Bhardwaj. “Six years after putting it on the menu, it seems like the cheese naan is destined to stay on the menu for another six years or more.”

If you’ve never made naan before, it’s not difficult! But heed these words from the chef:

“When working with dough, you must use common sense and feel it. If it is very sticky after you let it rest, add some flour. Keep an eye on the heat of the pan and amount of oil used, it can burn the bread if too hot.”