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Get this fresh, hearty blood sausage–stuffed squid on the table in 45 minutes flat! It's French food, not rocket science.

There is a movement afoot in some of the best Paris restaurants. A bistro is defined by a tiny kitchen and dining room, a menu based on what’s available, appealing and inventive to the chef and an all-around intimate culinary experience that will leave you sated and inspired. Food writer, editor and instructor Jane Sigal’s Bistronomy, a collection of her favorite bistro recipes, is a must-buy for any French-food fanatic. Try your hand at these recipes that are at once trendy and classic, and maybe plan a trip to Paris while you’re at it! 

I am in love with Shaun Kelly’s use of color on the plate and unbelievably fresh ingredients. Here, the chef spoons black sausage into white pockets of squid, then flash-grills them and serves tiny garden peas and a house-made herb oil alongside — the herbs simply blitzed with oil and strained. His use of boudin noir is clever: The sausage is creamy, flavorful, and sold precooked (no last-minute sautéing necessary) — a perfect ready-made filling.

Make Ahead: The herb oil can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Variation: Instead of blood sausage, try stuffing the squid with fresh Mexican chorizo. Remove the sausage casing, crumble the meat, and sauté it in olive oil until browned and cooked through.

Reprinted with permission from Bistronomy