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Garlic fried in oil until golden gives this classic Indian dal a savory richness you'll come back for over and over.

Hankering for the kind of Indian food you can’t get at your local “Curry in a Hurry”? That’s because Indian food should be cooked at home in small batches for people you love, and that’s what London-based chef and writer Meera Sodha brings to the table in her new cookbook, Made in India. Your dal called. It needs more garlic. 

Chana dal, otherwise known as chickpea lentils, come from splitting and skinning black chickpeas (the most popular variety in India). Because they belong to the chickpea family, they’re naturally very delicious and need little teasing before they turn into a gorgeous-tasting dal.

A tarka is a hot oil that is flavored with spices, garlic, and/or chili; it is added right at the end of a dish to enrich it. I’ve used golden garlic in this recipe, made by browning sliced garlic cloves to release their sweetness and depth.

Reprinted with permission from Made in India