To many turkey day enthusiasts (us included) Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t complete until a steaming dish of baked macaroni and cheese hits the table. This recipe can be the centerpiece of any special occasion not trumped by a large, golden bird, however, because it’s no ordinary elbows ‘n cheddar. Thinly julienned carrots, red peppers and zucchini add vibrant color and sweetness to balance this dish’s rich cheesiness.

Fontina is one of the greatest melting cheeses we’ve ever encountered, perfect for a creamy bechamel sauce. Balance its buttery, mild flavor with sharp, nutty gruyère and you have a cheese combination any shape of pasta would be only too happy to swim in; however we love cavatappi for its sauce-catching tubular shape and ridges. Finished off with a cheese and herbed breadcrumb crust, this macaroni and cheese promises no leftovers.