The New Vegan, a collection of recipes from dedicated herbivore Aine Carlin, is a far cry from the crunchy tomes of yesteryear. Bring your vegan repertoire up to date with this vibrant, flavor-packed recipes that don’t force traditional animalistic fare into a unwilling mold. All these recipes are spot-on delicious, so try this cauliflower fattoush on for size.

Salads don’t have to be dull and boring. All they need is a little tender loving care (and perhaps the odd dash of spice) to really bring them to life. Here, I’m talking “in yer face” roasted cauliflower florets paired with toasted pita pieces and a creamy tahini dressing that will end your limp leaf memories and catapult you into what I’ve dubbed “21st Century Eating.” That’s where we have our cake (or in this case,salad) and eat it… flavor, texture, and freshness combined — there’s very little not to like about this recipe. So much so, I’d happily serve it for lunch, dinner, and even at parties — it never fails to get a bounty of enthusiastic “mmms” and “wows.” Now, when’s the last time you heard that said about a salad?

Reprinted with permission from The New Vegan