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Photo: Sami Johnson

You want good food and you want it fast. You’re in luck, because we just picked up a copy of chef and TV personality Jason Roberts’s new book, Good Food — Fast! Whether the goodness you crave is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or protein-heavy, if it makes you feel good, there’s a recipe for it in here.

The ingredients list for this sumptuous, fragrant curry may look long-winded, but the effort involved pays off with every mouthful of the final product. Not only is this dish low in fat; it’s also packed with nutritional goodness and satisfying flavors. It keeps well and tastes even better the day after it is cooked. So it’s definitely worth making when you have a bit of extra time so that you can then enjoy quick leftovers throughout the week. (For the meat lovers in your life, you can add 1/2 pound fish or chicken and cook it in the curry.)

Reprinted with permission from Good Food — Fast!