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Rossejat is one fancy lobster pasta you've never tried before.

For a thorough education on seafood sustainability, sourcing and cookery, look no further than chef-author Barton Seaver. His new widely endorsed collection of recipes addresses overfishing and overcooking, responsible purchasing and innovative preparation, all in one glorious tome. Pick up a copy, a fillet knife and a pair of claw crackers — tonight is fish night!

This Catalan dish (pronounced rose-ay-YACHT), which artfully combines rich shellfish, toasty pasta, and plenty of aioli, is my favorite recipe in this entire book. It is easy and so unique — a perfect recipe for entertaining. The noodles are toasted and then simmered in the lobster cooking liquid before a quick turn under the broiler. Under that final blast of heat, the tips of the noodles curl up and char slightly, adding a pleasant bitterness and crisp texture to the dish.

Reprinted with permission from Two If By Sea