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Nashville-based musician and food writer Matt Moore is the quintessential Southern gentleman. His newest cookbook, A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, is a fresh take on a classic concept. With 150 distinctly Southern recipes from the tried-and-true to the modern, it’s a must-have for any gent’s (or lady’s) culinary library. 

This is one of my go-to dishes whenever blackberries are in season. In college, I spent a summer working at the Georgia Seed Plant with my friends Tom Seward, Josh Counce, and Kirk Alexander. We rogued wheat fields, cleaned combines, and packed up feed and seed for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It was tough work, but the camaraderie got us through. We also cut the grass, and I volunteered for the front lawn, though it meant more work. I had a little secret: A blackberry bush stood on the east end of the property. With each lap, I’d grab a handful of fresh berries to eat to cool off from the summer heat. This recipe always takes me back to those times, with its sweet, tangy barbecue sauce paired with this juicy, tender pork tenderloin.

Reprinted with permission from Southern Living: A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen