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Rich, beer-infused beef cheek stew. Go ahead, winter, give us your worst.

Great beer deserves great food, so longtime food and beer writer (and author of The World Atlas of Beer) Stephen Beaumont took on the great and important task of gathering the greatest pairings around the world and publishing them in one convenient place: a beautifully photographed cookbook. Pick up a superb craft six-pack, bomber or growler and a copy of  The Beer & Food Companion and prepare to leave the wineglasses where they are. 

Since everyone knows that stews improve with age, Alain Fayt, chef and owner of Restobières in Brussels, Belgium, suggests making this a day ahead of when you plan to serve it, which would mean beginning the marinade two days in advance. He probably has a point.

Recommended beer: The presence of sweet and tart, spicy and savory flavor combinations in this dish calls for a beer with similar complexity. Here, try a Flemish red ale, the same beer style used in the cooking. (A Flemish brown would certainly do as well.)

Reprinted with permission from The Beer & Food Companion