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Swap out the graham crackers for pie crust in this inventive take on s'mores.

Award-winning food blogger Izy Hossack has a cookbook out that will reawaken your love of the kitchen. Read it, cook it and add some brand-new favorites (which just HAPPEN to be vegan) to your everyday repertoire, like these caramelized pie crust s’mores. 

So you’ve just made a pie. A beautiful, delicious pie. Now there are all these scrappy pieces of unbaked pastry sitting in a ball on your counter. I always feel sad throwing away pastry scraps (I made that with my HANDS, man). It’s such a shame to waste something so delicious, but I’ve found the perfect solution: roll out any pastry scraps using a mixture of flour and sugar to dust your work surface, and bake them with a little cinnamon-sugar sprinkled on top. The sugar embedded in the pastry caramelises and crisps so you end up with something like an American graham cracker. And if you sandwich them with super-dark chocolate, a toasted marshmallow and a pinch of flaky salt, they make the perfect s’mores.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Delicious