For some, it’s just not Thanksgiving until a steaming casserole dish of homemade macaroni and cheese hits the table. I’m one of those people. We didn’t always have mac and cheese on our Thanksgiving table until my “helpful suggestions” turned into “even more helpful making of the mac and cheese the day before.”

I love the incredible savory element of the caramelized onions in this dish. Combined with the crisp, salty prosciutto, you’ll hit a textural balance that’ll make mashed potatoes pale in fear. Use our simple step-by-step recipe for killer béchamel sauce and our foolproof method for caramelizing onions. If you’re making this the day before, wait until just before you slide it in the oven to add the breadcrumb topping.

Thanksgiving may be a holiday of peace and togetherness, but in my head, the side dishes are at war. Who will be be finished and who will be sent to Tupperware, maybe even home with someone else? Not this guy.